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Shengang Hardware Information


Shengang mid-to-high-end door and window hardware manufacturers start construction in 2017

Kamioka Corporation officially started working today in 2017. Attendance rate of 96% is gratifying! In the new year, at the start of the mobilization meeting, each employee described his positive energy feelings for the Spring Festival at home and good wishes for the company's future. The red envelope ...

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[Dongguan] Ukrainian guests purchased hidden door hinges in Shengang

Since launching the foreign market in 2005, Kamioka has been recognized by guests from various countries in the world, and has launched a long-term cooperation model. Just today, a guest from the Ukrainian production door learned about Kamioka on the Internet, and was very interested in Kamioka company and products, so he took his passion to cross the sea ...

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[Dongguan] Shengang 2016 launches new "lifting adjustable hinge"

As an enterprise that has worked hard in the domestic door and window hardware industry for more than 10 years, Shengang's image has always been to follow the simple line of the people. The new version, which will be available in November, is a simple style door hinge. Compared with ordinary stainless steel door hinges, this lifting adjustable door hinge will be more marketable in the mid-end market ...

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[Hardcover door hinges] Just choose the Kamioka three-dimensional hinge

For the hardcover door hinge, choose the simple and practical three-dimensional adjustable hinge of Shengang. Shengang, as a domestic professional door and window hardware supplier, strives to create simple and practical hardcover door hinges for you, just to make you smile. This three-dimensional adjustable hinge is extremely cost-effective and is rated as the best hardcover door hinge.

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3D adjustable hinge price is too high? Shengang factory direct sales

Kamioka 3D Adjustable Hinge Price The salesperson of Kamioka always hears customers say, "Can you make this price for us? If we can, we will close the deal immediately. Yes, the price of Kamioka's 3D adjustable hinge is yours! Recently, two customers in Shanghai ordered three-dimensional adjustable hinges in Shengang and gave me back ...

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[Dongguan] How to choose hidden hinges

See how the wooden door factory chooses hidden hinges. Have you been troubled by choosing a hidden door hinge? I bought a sample and wanted to find a more suitable style. Maybe you don't know yet, Shengang is a professional manufacturer of hidden door hinges in China. Recently, a wooden door factory in Zhejiang is developing an indoor wooden door test ...

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[Guangdong] The French rushed to Shengang from the Canton Fair at the risk of "Hippocampus"

The Canton Fair focuses on import and export trade, and carries out various forms of economic and technological cooperation and exchanges. Businessmen from all over the world gathered in Guangzhou to exchange business information and enhance friendship. During the start of the second phase of the Guangzhou Autumn Canton Fair 2016.10.23, two French guests risked "Hippocampus" and ...

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Shengang 2016 launches new T-door with three-dimensional adjustable hidden hinges

2016 is another new product of the Kamioka! Dongguan Shengang Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of high-end door and window hardware products. In recent years, based on the analysis of the door industry market and customer feedback, it has introduced a new three-dimensional adjustable hidden hinge for T-shaped wooden doors. ..

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[Guangzhou, Guangdong] There is no loss for shopping, and the quality of Shengangmen hinges is better and more affordable.

Guests looking for heavy-duty hinges for mute doors generally shop around and choose the best. When Mr. Kong had a project that needed to purchase heavy silent door hinges, I found a few companies that were not satisfied with the samples. Baidu searched the Shengang door hinge and found this hot product of Shengang. Let me tell you below. Say there are those ...

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[Guangdong] Select three-dimensional adjustable hinge, recommend the official website of Shengang

Kamioka's official website has three-dimensional adjustable hinges for various types of doors. Looking for 3D adjustable hinges in Guangdong? Go to Dongguan Shengang. Shengang 3D adjustable hinges have a good reputation among their peers. If you are still thinking about whether to go, don't hesitate to go and see. Recently, a project in Beijing found Shengang on the Internet ...

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【广东】门合页到那采购 神冈门合页种类多样

[Guangdong] There are various types of door hinges.

Want to buy this SG-HC104 # 05 concealed door hinge? SG-HC104 # 05 is suitable for interior doors wooden doors, interior background walls, invisible doors, folding doors, screen partitions, etc. It is equipped with two heavy-duty doors that can bear 40kg. After the door is installed, the hinges can not be exposed inside and outside, so that ...

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Middle and high-end hinges for interior wooden doors, I choose Shengang 3D adjustable hinge

The Shengang model is the SG-HC3540 three-dimensional adjustable hinge that continues to be sold. This model SG-HC3540 has produced more than 30W since it was launched on the market. No matter the appearance or quality, it can be said to be the first choice for high-end hinges for interior wooden doors. Low-key luxury is inherently ...

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Vanke hardcover room hardware interior door three-dimensional hinge, from Shengang

Shengang hinge hinge takes you to Humen Nanwan Bay. Vanke City to see that the interior door of the hardcover room in Humen "Nanfang Bay. Vanke City" is being installed. Shengang decided to check out the Vanke hardcover room interior door using the company's three-dimensional hinge effect. Installation master Liao Gong said that the quality of this three-dimensional hinge is very good, and it has not appeared in a few years ...

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Xiamen Mengfali Health Technology Co., Ltd. purchases cross concealed hinge in Shengang

Recently Xiamen Mengfali Health Technology Co., Ltd. is looking for a cross hidden hinge. Group engineers searched the Internet for a number of ones that were not satisfactory. In the end, the cross hidden hinges produced by Shengang were also honored to find out the scale and products of Shengang. After contacting Kamioka customer service, sending samples for inspection ...

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Shengang stainless steel three-dimensional adjustable heavy-duty hinge into the Suntec Gofan showroom!

In order to better serve customers, Shengang people listened to the voice of customers and visited the 37th China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair on March 28. During the visit to the customer's showroom, Shengang's stainless steel three-dimensional adjustable heavy-duty hinge hinges were prominently located in the Suntec Kovan exhibition hall. The scene was appreciated by the Suntec Kovan leaders ...

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Beijing Exhibits-Tailor-made solutions for doors, windows and home industry

On March 26, 2016, the 15th China International Door Industry Exhibition ended successfully in Beijing National Exhibition Center! Dongguan Shengang Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd., if invited to participate in the exhibition, showed tailor-made solutions for the doors and windows, home furnishing industry, consolidated existing relationships, and discovered a large number of ...

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Shengang stealth cross hinges rely on the excellent quality to take the Zhuhai Shenwei cruise ship to the sea!

Dongguan Shengang Hardware relies on Zhuhai Shenwei cruise ship to go to sea with its excellent product quality and advanced technology! The interior decoration of the Shenwei cruise ship is luxurious. All the door panels and cabinets are colored with Shengang hidden cross concealed hinges SG-HC104 # 01 and SG-HC104 # 03. This product cannot be seen when the door is closed ...

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Warmly celebrate the project cooperation between Dongguan Shengang Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. and Huizhou China Resources University!

Warmly celebrate the project cooperation between Dongguan Shengang Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. and Huizhou China Resources University! All the interior doors of China Resources University adopt the Shengang / SG brand. The products are three-dimensional adjustable heavy-duty hinges. The company will continue to work hard to strengthen new product development and improve product quality. Renovation and construction of global high-end projects ...

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Shengang Hardware will participate in Beijing and Guangzhou exhibitions

Shengang will be in Hall W1-07 of Beijing International Door Industry Exhibition on March 23-26, and Hall C01a of Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on March 28-30. Welcome new and old customers to visit!

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Shengang Hardware will participate in the 118th Autumn Canton Fair

Shengang Hardware will participate in the 118th Autumn Canton Fair. Our booth information is as follows:
Booth No .: Booth D14, Hall 16.4 Date: October 15th to October 19th, 2015

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